A War of Anonymous Death

Parents of the Slain Rise Up Against the Drug War in Mexico

A War of Anonymous Death


The displaced decide to return to our community: Caravan of the Color of Blood

The displaced decide to return to our community: Caravan of the Color of Blood


May 22, 2011
[Spanish original: Statement - Route]
Translated by Scott Campbell


Compañeras, compañeros:

Those who are speaking to you, issuing a call for solidarity, are the children, elders, women and men who on January 1, 2007 declared the autonomy of our community, San Juan Copala, which without doubt was the reason behind the fury unleashed by the powerful who badly govern this, our country.

For that act we were attacked in the cruelest way until they succeeded in displacing us and seizing our homes.

More than 22 compañeros were murdered by paramilitary groups financed and advised by the disastrous government of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz with the conceit of the federal government.

Because of that, last September 19, the remaining compañeros fled our town, which remained in the hands of those criminal groups.

And the inhabitants of San Juan Copala had to take refuge in some of the other communities of the Autonomous Municipality, in the encampments in Oaxaca and the Federal District and in some of the states in this country in order to save our lives.

Compañeras, compañeros:

It is not easy to live in the conditions in which we, the displaced of Copala, are living in, and because of that we have decided to return to our community, no matter the cost, as we see that as the days pass the governments weave their web of lies and defamation through the media and through their corrupt officials, as happened in recent days when the delegate of the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI) and the state secretary of education had the gall to go be photographed with the paramilitaries who now occupy our town and to send the message that it is we who are lying, because Copala is a PARADISE.

For several days we waited for an explanation from the state government regarding the provocative and disrespectful stance of its cabinet secretary, as were we there that would not have happened.

This has made us decided to return to our land and may whatever happen remain in the conscience (that is if they have any) of those government officials.

Because of this we call on all those persons who during these months of pain have walked alongside us; that apart from the solidarity that they may have with us by accompanying us and providing us with supplies, that they stay alert so that in case of any aggression by these paramilitary groups, immediate condemnations are made.

Ediño Released from Pichucalco Prison


Fantastic news: Edino Martinez and the co-accused Vicente Guzman, also from Honduras, were yesterday released from Pichucalco Prison.


MEXICO AND THE INTER-AMERICAN RIGHTS SYSTEM - In comparative perspective with the European Court of Human Rights

Tuesday 7 June, 16:00 - 19:30
Venue: The Court Room (London, Senate House, First Floor)

The New Wave of Cross-Border Activism

January 20, 2011

Human Rights News

The New Wave of Cross-Border Activism

If anything marks the first weeks of 2011 in Mexico and the Paso del Norte
border region, it is the growth of citizen activism in response to
femicide, human rights violations and a broad range of atrocities stemming
from the so-called drug war.

Galvanized by the recent murders of two women from Ciudad Juarez, activist
mother Marisela Escobedo and poet Susana Chavez, public demonstrations
were held January 15-17 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua City, Monterrey,

"Sustainable Rural Cities" as a solution to Climate Variability in Chiapas



Apartheid Housing Posed as Solution to Climate Vulnerability in Chiapas

Written by Jeff Conant, All photos by Orin Langelle   
Friday, 13 May 2011 12:25



¡Viva México! 11 Dec at 9pm OLSX camp, St Paul's Cathedral


Join us at the Cinema InTent at the London Occupy camp on Sunday 11 December at 9pm for a screening of ¡Viva México! 

¡Viva México!  -- In January 2006, the Zapatistas launched 'The Other Campaign' and that year, a group of Zapatistas, including Subcommandante Marcos and members of the alternative media travelled around Mexico visiting communities where people are living out daily, active struggles of nonviolent resistance. Communities fighting for a better Mexico and an alternative world with dignity and justice for all. This tour was an exchange of ideas, stories and strategies between the Zapatistas and the diverse social movements --farmers, workers, market traders, environmentalists to name a few-- organising up and down the country. There's no 'photocopying' or 'cutting and pasting' social movements, but the Zapatistas and our brothers and sisters in Mexico certainly offer a lot inspiration and valuable lessons. Come along, learn, share what you know and grow the world you dream.

For more information about Cinema InTent at OLSX, see their Facebook page.

Do you like film and want to be able to share it with others? We are happy to loan you our copy, or if you prefer buy your own (£12).

Film running time 120 minutes, and more about the film here.



Acteal, Mexico: Building Autonomy in the Shadow of Repression


Acteal, Mexico: Building Autonomy in the Shadow of Repression
by Andalusia Knoll
Article written with help from Koman Ilel.

Anti-Drug War Movement Emerges in Mexico

Anti-Drug War Movement Emerges in Mexico   
Written by Kristin Bricker   
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 16:46

 Thousands march against the drug war on April 6 </body></html>


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