Zapatistas join the call to Stop the War in Mexico

Zapatistas Flood San Cristóbal by the Thousands, Join Call to Stop the War

Saturday's 7 of May Silent March in Chiapas Was Prelude to Sunday's Convergence on Mexico City

By Natalie Long

Special to the Narco News Bulletin

May 8, 2011

Mexicans Reject US-Backed Drug War

Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 by The Nation

Mexicans Reject US-Backed Drug War

Tens of thousands of Mexicans made history on May 8 in a march through the nation’s capital, protesting the war on drugs. Behind a black banner reading “We are fed up. Stop the War. Peace With Justice and Dignity,” they demanded an immediate halt to the drug war, reforms to Mexico’s political and justice systems and a change in US regional security policy.

Protesters filed through the streets of Mexico City in silence, holding hand-lettered signs that expressed their anger at the war that has claimed nearly 40,000 lives since it was declared by President Felipe Calderón in December 2006. Many wore T-shirts featuring the national slogan of the new movement: "No More Blood."


A Call to End the Violence between the Mexican Goverment and the Drug Cartels

an act of solidarity, 8 May 11am to 2pm at the Mexican Embassy

Friends of London Mexico Solidarity Group invite us all to join them at the Mexican Embassy on 8 May to denounce the senseless bloodshed in Mexico between the Government and the drug cartels.

Video messages from San Sebastian Bachajon

The residents of community San Sebastian Bachajon send us these video messages to tell their story.


The community has controlled the toll booth at the entrance to the Agua Azul Waterfalls for decades, but recently local police and paramilitaries have made threats against this community on a daily basis. A roadblock at the site and international solidarity campaign have resisted some of the repression, but harrassment and violence continues. Cuurrently 5 community members are unlawfully detained. The community demands their immediate release and that justice be done in their community.


Video message 06 March 2011


Segundo Mensaje de San Sebastian Bachajon (video message 01 April 2011)


Tercer Mensaje de San Sebastián Bachajón(video message 24 April 2011)

Community's Response to 2nd Call for 5 days of Action

san sebastian bachajon ejido, adherents to the other campaign of the sixth declaracion of the lacandon jungle.

Letter from the Bachajon 5

Cerezo Núm. 17

Playas de Catazaja, Chiapas.

26 de abril 2011.

Collection of signatures: Worldwide Declaration in Support of the Indigenous Tseltal Peoples of Bachajón, Chiapas

Collection of signatures: Worldwide Declaration in Support of the
Indigenous Tseltal Peoples of San Sebastián Bachajón, Chiapas,
Adherents of The Other Campaign

Within the context of the “5 MORE Days of Worldwide Action for the
Bachajón 5” campaign, which will take place from the 24 to the 28 of
April, the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center and
Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign New York, have
written the following declaration with the goal of collecting
signatures of support. We ask that you please send the signatures,

¡Viva Mexico! Film Screening and Photo Exhibition


¡Viva Mexico!

Film Screening + Photo Exhibition + Q & A Session

Did you miss this event but would still like to see the film? For screenings in other UK cities, see below, and watch this space. We are planning more London screening for the near future. Meanwhile, we also have copies of the film on DVD for sale: to buy DVDs write to

29 April - 4pm, Goldsmith's, University of London

30 April- 6pm, SOAS, School of Oriental and African Studies

About the Film + Photo Exhibition + Q & A Session

¡Viva México!  -- In 2006, Subcommandante Marcos, along with a group of other Zapatistas and members of the alternative media travelled around Mexico visiting communities where people are living out daily, active struggles of resistance. Communities fighting for a better Mexico and an alternative world with dignity and justice for all. This tour created connections between the Zapatistas and the diverse social movements, (small-scale farmers, workers, environmentalists, and more), organising up and down the country. This event is a telling of those experiences through images, film and question and answer.

Photo Exhibition by the Collective La Otra Mirada -- This exhibition is the result of a collective input of many photographers from alternative media that covered the journey of The Other Campaign in Mexico. The exhibition captures images from all over Mexico and describes the current social and political state of affairs in Mexico by focusing on marginalised groups and individuals that are organizing themselves to resist oppression.

Adolfo López, member of the Colective La Otra Mirada, and Nicolás Défossé, the film director, will hold a Q&A session after the film.

London is the first stop of a UK-wide tour for Nico and Alfredo. Catch them in another city if you miss them in London.


Tuesday, May 3rd, 6pm
Lancaster, Duke's Cinema

A collaboration between Lancaster University Latin America Research Cluster and Duke's Cinema
afterwards: Round table debate on 'Media, Community and Social Movements', with representatives of Lancaster University and local media

May 4th

Wednesday, May 4th, 7.30 pm
Hamilton House

80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY:
A collaboration between Kiptik and Bristol Anarchist Bookfair
Suggested donation £3 (waged) / £2 (low or unwaged)
but no-one turned away due to lack of funds.

May 5th

Thursday May 5th, 1pm
Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin-American Studies
University of Leeds, LS2 9JT

Baines Wing G.22
The photo exhibition with representatives of Chiapas Indymedia/La Otra Mirada Collective
will be on display in the SPLAS Patio, Second Floor Michael Sadler. Building, on the day.

May 6th

Friday May 6th, 7 pm
1 in 12 Social Centre
21-23 Albion St
Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 2LY

May 7th

Saturday May 7th, 7pm
Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh, EH1 1EL
6pm Doors Open for Photo Exhibition

May 8th

Sunday May 8th, 5.15 pm
Glasgow Film Theatre
12 Rose Street
G3 6RB


Message in Solidarity to Javier Sicilia and to the thousands of relatives of victims from Villoro and Gonzalez Casanova

Message in Solidarity to Javier Sicilia and to the thousands of relatives of victims in Mexico

We agree with you, Javier, this country needs urgently a radical change towards justice. The Mexican people need and ought to recover its moral, it´s greatness while struggling for freedom, justice and democracy.

Javier Sicilia's Open Letter to Mexico's Politicians and Criminals

Javier Sicilia's Open Letter to Mexico's Politicians and Criminals


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