¡Viva México! 11 Dec at 9pm OLSX camp, St Paul's Cathedral


Join us at the Cinema InTent at the London Occupy camp on Sunday 11 December at 9pm for a screening of ¡Viva México! 

¡Viva México!  -- In January 2006, the Zapatistas launched 'The Other Campaign' and that year, a group of Zapatistas, including Subcommandante Marcos and members of the alternative media travelled around Mexico visiting communities where people are living out daily, active struggles of nonviolent resistance. Communities fighting for a better Mexico and an alternative world with dignity and justice for all. This tour was an exchange of ideas, stories and strategies between the Zapatistas and the diverse social movements --farmers, workers, market traders, environmentalists to name a few-- organising up and down the country. There's no 'photocopying' or 'cutting and pasting' social movements, but the Zapatistas and our brothers and sisters in Mexico certainly offer a lot inspiration and valuable lessons. Come along, learn, share what you know and grow the world you dream.

For more information about Cinema InTent at OLSX, see their Facebook page.

Do you like film and want to be able to share it with others? We are happy to loan you our copy, or if you prefer buy your own (£12).

Film running time 120 minutes, and more about the film here.