Call for action and solidarity with Mexico and frontline communities

Call for action and solidarity with Mexico and frontline communities

Dear compañeros and compañeras, dear friends and comrades,

As many of you may be aware, on 26th September 2014, students from a rural teachers training college in Ayotzinapa, Mexico were attacked by the Mexican state in collusion with local drug cartels. 43 students were disappeared, other three were killed and three bystanders were shoot dead. To date, the whereabouts of the 43 students remain unknown, and justice for them and their relatives has been continously denied by Mexican authorities.

London Mexico Solidarity is currently preparing a short video clip that features an interview with one student who survived the Ayotzinapa attack, while also situating their struggle within the broader context of Mexico’s human rights crisis and the problems that frontline communities are facing, such as the privatisation of their natural resources and attacks against their traditions, language, culture and ways of life.


We want to invite you to be part of this action of solidarity with Mexican people resisting state oppression and cultivating autonomy and dignity. Whether you are part of a collective, a campaign, or you are an individual willing to support the 43 Ayotzinapa students, the Zapatistas or frontline communities in Mexico, we are asking willing participants to:

Share a photo of you or your group with a message of solidarity.
Please include your name or the name of your organisation, and your city of residence.

Your message can be a message of support or a message linking your struggle and those struggles going on in Mexico, and will be featured in the video that will help us raise awareness and spread stories of resistance and dignity growing in Mexico.

To take part in this solidarity action email:

Further information

London Mexico Solidarity has been active in London for more than 15 years, raising awareness of Zapatista communities facing dispossession and repression, their creative resistance and dignity in building autonomy.

Over several years we have worked to highlight Mexico’s human rights crisis triggered by the intensification of dispossession and repression associated with the ‘war on drugs’, launched by the Mexican government in 2006. It has resulted in the militarisation of the country and the collusion between different agents of the state and organised crime. It is estimated that more than 120,000 people have been killed in this escalating violence, while more than 40,000 people have been displaced from their communities and 27,000 have been forcibly disappeared.

Indigenous communities, women, migrants, farmers, human rights defenders, journalists and activists have become common targets of the narco-state. Victims, their relatives and organisations accompanying them have been constantly attacked and re-victimised by the Mexican government and mainstream media and denied access to justice.

In this context the disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa rural teacher-training school on 26th September 2014 is now a prime example of Mexico’s state violence. London Mexico Solidarity, alongside other Mexican and Latin American solidarity groups, has spread the names and faces of the disappeared students around London and other parts of the UK. We have shared their stories as victims of brutal violence, but we have also stressed their capacity to resist and fight back. This time we want to share with them a message of solidarity and include the messages of many groups and individuals as possible.


To take part in this action send an email to
We will send you a dropbox link to upload your photo of solidarity.