Free Education Demo & Solidarity with Ayotzinapa

In the context of the National Free Education Demo, we marched alongside thousands of students from around the UK this November 19th, where more than one hundred people gathered specially to express their concerns about the human right crisis that is going on in Mexico, and to express our solidarity to the relatives of the students that still disappeared since September 26 in Ayotzinapa. We claimed that this crime is a state crime, and we still claiming for the presentation alive of the 43 students

We walked on London streets with the faces of the students disappeared, making them visible in landmarks like Trafalgar Square and the Parliament, having attention from people joining the demo, who showed their solidarity with the demand for live presentation of students Ayotzinapa.

MP Jeremy Corbin, who has filed a motion in the British parliament denouncing the human rights crisis that Mexico lives, expressed his solidarity with the missing students and drew attention to the serious situation in Mexico, calling for international solidarity.

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