Jubilation at the release of the remaining 4 political prisoners of San Sebastián Bachajón

The Movement for Justice in El Barrio, New York, La Otra Campaña would like to share with everyone the great news about the release of social activists who endured unjust convictions imposed out of pure revenge by the misrule of repressive Governor Juan Sabines (PRD ) and repressive PAN President Felipe Calderon, just because they resisted and defended their land and autonomy as indigenous peoples.

They had to endure five months of unjust imprisonment.

Their strength and courage have been an inspiration and a powerful reason  for the Movement for Justice to keep fighting.

In El Barrio, New York we are celebrating because we know that this was not a triumph of the rule of law that does not exist in Mexico, but a triumph of the organization and mobilization of all our sisters and brothers,
San Sebastián Bachajón ejidatarios and our comrades' of good heart in Mexico and all over the world.


We embrace you all, and salute you as well.


In the spirit of "If they touch one of us, it is an injury to all ", together we fought and secured the release of our brothers in San Sebastián Bachajón.


Viva the ejidatarios and San Sebastián Bachajón!

Viva the EZLN!

Viva La Otra Campaña!