Solidarity with the #Heathrow13 by LMS


Message of Solidarity with the #Heathrow13 by LMS

In an unjust move by the British legal system, co-opted by multinational companies bent on private profit our compas the #Heathrow13 will return to court for final sentencing on the 24th of February. All have been found guilty of aggravated trespass and entering the security restricted area of London Heathrow Airport’s (LHR) north runway in protest of plans to build a third runway and have been told by District Judge Deborah Wright that they "should all come expecting custodial sentences”.

We condemn this sentencing absolutely and we stand in solidarity with the #Heathrow13. In their campaign we recognize the struggle of the community of Atenco that stopped the expansion of Mexico’s city airport in 2001 and that, since then, has resisted the repression of the Mexican government and new plans for airport expansion. Just as campaigns against airport expansion in London and the UK have showed their solidarity with the people from Atenco, we want to show our solidarity with #Heatrow13 and all those around the world fighting for environmental justice as a basic human right. We aim to keep on building solidarity networks just as we did last year when, with  Airport Watch Grow Heathrow, and Plane Stupid, we denounced the new plans of the Mexican Government to build airport, this time with the help of UK based

Since 2001, communities in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico have been fighting against the pillaging of their lands as part of a massive project to expand Mexico City’s existing airport structure. In 2001 The Peoples Front in Defence of the Land (FPDT) was created and after 9 months of campaigning won their case against an expropriation order of their lands.

In May 2006, while Peña Nieto was the governor of the State of Mexico, he seized its chance to punish the community for defeating the megaproject. A government dispute with flower vendors in the nearby town of Texcoco progressed into an attack infamous for the extreme police brutality, as 3500 officers from the local, state and federal police and the army surrounded the town of Atenco. The violent repression resulted in the death of 2 young people, the sexual torture by the military police of 26 women, multiple people injured, and 217 people arrested. 9 leaders of the FPDT were illegally sentenced to 31 years in prison, 2 community members were sentenced 67 years, and one for 112 years. Immediately following this event a national and international campaign for the liberation of the imprisoned was raised. After 4 years and 59 days of struggle the members of the FPDT finally were absolved and freed but the Mexican government has refused to resolve the cases of murder and sexual torture. Even now, the female complainants of sexual torture are still waiting for an in-depth report from the Inter-American Human Rights Commission.

As president of Mexico Peña Nieto continues with impunity to try to co-opt the farmers through bribery and violence, but this time the attack has been extended to the territories of Ixtapa, Nexquipayac, and Acuexcomac. Scientists have already warned him about the environmental risks associated with the airport expansion, which is being built in a protected area previously used to replenish the lake of Texcoco. As part of the new military and economic agreement between Mexico and the UK, the British architect Norman Foster and his British-based company ARUP are leading this mega-project and will henceforth be complicit in police brutality, mass displacement of communities, state and corporate corruption and environmental destruction.

The imprisonment of our compas the #Heathrow13 seeks to criminalise all forms of struggles to protect the earth and communities from corporate and state violence and greed. Airplanes and airports are a form of colonialism run by the rich, white and privileged. Therefore from Atenco to Heathrow we say NO to airport expansion, NO to displacement of communities and NO to the criminalization of environmental activists and campesinos.  If they touch one, they touch us all!


Support the #Heathrow13 by signing and sharing these petitions - Stop Airport Expansion

Come and join us this Wednesday (24th February) OUTSIDE the court from 9am SHARP to 10am, together with Heathrow residents and others, to say that climate justice is the only appropriate form of justice here; that prison time for protecting the climate is a massive #Redline, and that we need to Stop Aviation Expansion & Stop Co2lonialism! Wear RED!

Solidarity line-up from 9am to 10am (note: more speakers/performers and exact timings to follow)
Caroline Lucas, MP
John McDonnell, MP
Asad Rehman, Friends of the Earth
Tracy, Andy, Neil, Heathrow residents
Sheila, Ella, Rob, #Heathrow13
+ performances from Danny Chivers, Wretched of the Earth, music, samba and much more!!!
Sentencing expected around noon.

Your solidarity is welcome all day here on FB and on Twitter #Heathrow13
The full address for the court is:
Willesden Magistrates’ Court
448 High Road
NW10 2DZ
Nearest tube: Neasden OR Dollis Hill (Jubilee Line)

Note: The sentencing hearing will start at 10am, and we have been informed that access inside the court has been ticketed and restricted to family only.