LMS and The Wretched of the Earth in the Climate Justice March

This Sunday LMS joined the bloc The Wretched of the Earth, made up of different campaigns and solidarity groups denouncing that as long as colonialism stills structuring our political relations climate change will never be challenged, and climate justice will never be achieved!

LMS Newsletter November 2015

This time we want to share 1) Upcoming events, 2) the Zapatista Summary News, 3) Links to the reports of our last actions and 4) LMS' contributions in different media.

Upcoming Events!

Activistas irrumpen en el Día de Muertos en el Museo Británico VIDEO EN ESPAÑOL

Versión en español de la acción que realizamos en el Día de Muertos del Museo Británico, patrocinado por British Petroleum y el gobierno de México.


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