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‘Cocaine Unwrapped’ screenings


Cocaine Unwrapped will be screening at the Picturehouse at Fact Liverpool on the 1st of November at 6pm and  in London on the 10th of November at Stratford East Picturehouse at 8:30pm with Director Q&A.

Violence in Mexico: An Interview with Noam Chomsky

Luis Cardenas - Z Magazine (September 2011)


Third letter from Subcomandante Marcos for Luis Villoro. On the War on Drugs and the Caravan for Peace with Dignity and Justice



(Third Letter to Don Luis Villoro in the Exchange on Ethics and Politics)




July-August 2011.

To: Don Luis Villoro.

From: SupMarcos

Don Luis:

Video: Spring Breakers without Borders

Video: Spring Breakers Without Borders

by Gregory Berger, Gringoyo Productions & NNTV
09/22/2010 5:06 pm

Just when it seemed that nobody could possibly defend the US-imposed “war on drugs” in Mexico, along comes a new NGO, Spring Breakers Without Borders, to tell us why they “frickin’ love the war on drugs, dude!” This video is a joint project of Gringoyo Productions and Narco News TV.

LMSG review:  Absolutely hillarious!!! ... and informative. Not to mention providing an alternative view of the 'war on drugs'. Ahhh, refresshing too.

Words of the EZLN during the Mobilization in Support of the National March for Peace

Words of the EZLN during the Mobilization in Support of the National March for Peace

May 7, 2011

A War of Anonymous Death

Parents of the Slain Rise Up Against the Drug War in Mexico

A War of Anonymous Death


Anti-Drug War Movement Emerges in Mexico

Anti-Drug War Movement Emerges in Mexico   
Written by Kristin Bricker   
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 16:46

 Thousands march against the drug war on April 6 </body></html>

Zapatistas join the call to Stop the War in Mexico

Zapatistas Flood San Cristóbal by the Thousands, Join Call to Stop the War

Saturday's 7 of May Silent March in Chiapas Was Prelude to Sunday's Convergence on Mexico City

By Natalie Long

Special to the Narco News Bulletin

May 8, 2011


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