COLLECTION OF SIGNATURES: Worldwide Declaration in Support of the Zapatista Support Bases of San Marcos Avilés, Chiapas, Mexico.

The Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center and Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign New York, have written the following declaration with the goal of collecting signatures of support.

We ask that you please send us your signatures of support, including the name of your organization or collective and country, no later than Monday, October 17, 2011, to this address:

7 Indigenous “Political Prisoners” in Chiapas On Hunger Strike



** They threaten a hunger striker with taking her two-year old son away from her

By: Hermann Bellinghausen

Seven indigenous prisoners in the San Cristóbal de las Casas Prison, Chiapas, completed six days on a hunger strike. One more in the El Amate Prison, in Cintalapa, Enrique Gómez Hernández, added himself to the daily 12-hour fasting that another four “political prisoners” maintain. They are demanding their immediate freedom, because, they insist, their incarceration is unjust.

JBG in La Garrucha denounce Invasion by “Independents” of Lands Recuperated by Zapatistas


“Where is the peace they say that they want so much? Is this peace, sending armed people to evict us from our lands? Is this the development that the United Nations offers?”


 ** This occurred on September 18th on 178 hectares of land in Nuevo Purísima village

The Daily Practice of Building Autonomy -- a participatory workshop

Run this workshop yourself (d-i-y guidance notes below) or invite us and we'll do it together.

Are you dreaming of 'another', better, more just world? .... then wake up and do something!


Zapatista 2012 Calendar for Sale


The Zapatista 2012 calendar is now for sale. The calendar is published jointly by the Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group and Kiptik in Bristol. All sales go to health and drinking water projects in Zapatista communites.

Send us an email to arrange buying your own: £6 each. The calendar is also available from AK Press UK.

It's a useful tool for planning the day-to-day of The Movement in 2012, as well as an artefact of history in the making. The calendar celebrates key Zapatista dates such as the anniversary of Comandanta Ramona's death (6 January 2006), and the first day of the 'March of those the Colour of the Earth' (25 February 2001).  It is a practical example of telling our own stories and defining our own identities. Celebrate Zapatista autonomy every day of the year with this calendar.

Paramilitaries Surround Zapatista Village and Threaten to Kill Everyone, the Junta denounces



We will defend our land against whatever takes place, the autonomous authorities of San Patricio warn

By: Hermann Bellinghausen,

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, September 13

Urgent Action: Harassment and risk of eviction in the Autonomous Community of San Patricio


If groups and/or individuals wants to add their signature send your details (Name or group's name, Country, ) to chavitosenlaotra(at)

Third letter from Subcomandante Marcos for Luis Villoro. On the War on Drugs and the Caravan for Peace with Dignity and Justice



(Third Letter to Don Luis Villoro in the Exchange on Ethics and Politics)




July-August 2011.

To: Don Luis Villoro.

From: SupMarcos

Don Luis:




Confronted by this grave situation faced by our comrades in the Zapatista support bases in several communities, it was agreed at the last meeting of the Network against Repression and for Solidarity on 25 June to have a Brigade of Observation and Solidarity with the Zapatista Communities, which will take place from August 27 to September 3.

EZLN Bases Denounce Attacks by the ORCAO paramilitaries


** They are paramilitaries and have the support of police, assure the Zapatistas

 ** The aggressors come from the Guadalupe Victoria, Las Conchitas and Pojcol Ejidos

By: Hermann Bellinghausen


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